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How do you get lice?

Any individual can be infested with lice, regardless of their level of hygiene. In reality, these parasites prefer clean hair. Lice are mainly transmitted by direct contact with a person already infested or by sharing objects in contact with hair, such as caps, hats, scarves or pillows. Although children are more commonly affected, adults can also get lice. If one family member is infested, it is recommended to treat all family members on the same day.

How do I know if I have lice?

As soon as you feel the first sensations of tickling or itching, it is recommended to inspect your hair. In general, lice are discernible to the naked eye. If you have any uncertainties, do not hesitate to contact our team.

Is the treatment permanent?

In just one appointment, lice and nits will be eliminated. After a first careful inspection following the treatment carried out by our team, a second appointment is scheduled a week later to confirm the total eradication of the lice and their eggs.

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